Skye Gellmann

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Skye Gellmann
Melbourne & Sydney. Sometimes Brisbane.

p: 0403953887

PHOTO CREDIT: Devika Bilimoria


Skye Gellmann is a Circus Maker, Performer, Photographer, Teacher and Writer. He is interested in a variety of different things, collaborates with many talented friends, and while his work comes from a place of heightened senses, it speaks to the everyday. These works are: Blindscape, Mothlight, Retinal Damage and Scattered Tacks; and they have toured throughout Australia and overseas for the last 6 years.

Most recently, Blindscape embarked on its national tour including Brisbane, Sydney, Launceston and Melbourne and was nominated by the 2013 Green Room awards for “Innovation and Excellence in Circus.”

Currently, based in Sydney and Melbourne, he is attempting to develop a traveling artistic practice.

SPECIALTIES:  Independent Artist, Trainer,  Acrobat (chinese pole), Equilibrist (rolla bolla, slackline, unicycle), Clown,  Director, Producer, Photographer.