Legs On The Wall

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Antoinette Clements
Lilyfield, NSW

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“The company has become one of Australia’s busiest cultural exports, pioneering a style of performance that is particularly Australian and yet which communicates on a universal level… Their work brings great distinction to Australia’s performing arts at home and abroad.”
Award Citation, Sidney Myer Performing Arts Awards

The history and evolution of Legs On The Wall is one of invention and achievement. When contemporary circus in Australia morphed into physical theatre, Legs On The Wall was there and has been central to the development of a genre that draws on circus, acrobatics and dance. Today the work that Legs On The Wall produces is recognised both nationally and internationally for setting new benchmarks in the way stories can be told and experienced.

This is clear in the company’s two distinct strands of work: large-scale outdoor performances using the built environment as the performance space and more intimate productions in conventional venues. Legs On The Wall has a string of successful productions under its belt, from All of Me, which first put Legs on the map, through to milestone productions such as those created for the Sydney Olympics and Manchester Commonwealth Games (Homeland and On the Case) and most recently The Voyage for the London 2012 Olympics. Legs On The Wall has a strong history of being invited to take part in prestigious international arts festivals, including Edinburgh, Sao Paulo, Dublin, Galway and all the major Australian festivals.

Established in 1984 by a collection of artists whose first productions were on the streets of Sydney, Legs On The Wall was formally incorporated as an association in 1992, and in 2004 moved to its permanent home at the purpose built Red Box in Lilyfield, Sydney.

Legs On The Wall has played a central role in the development of physical theatre practice, conducting a range of training programs over the years, designed to expand knowledge and broaden skills of performers whilst offering employment on a project basis for artists. Alongside this, the company runs workshops for schools and community groups, helping to cement physical theatre’s place in the education system and providing an outlet for performance for our community.