Keely Tyler-Dowd


Keely Tyler-Dowd
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Melbourne, VIC
+61 4 7750 5346

Keely Tyler-Dowd
Born into the hands of two Adelaide gymnastics coaches, Keely Tyler-Dowd was raised in the gym.

Although passionate towards gymnastics, Keely has become a multifaceted dancer, an experienced visual artist and an illusively enthusiastic performer.

As a passion driven teen with a strong artistic flair, Keely left Adelaide straight out of school to combine her natural talents and pursue a circus career in Melbourne.

Now a fresh NICA graduate, Keely specializes in Aerial Slings, Tight wire and general acrobatics (including Russian Swing, Tumbling, Pitching, Basing).

She’s eager to continue growing, performing and travelling for years to come having found that the stage is her home.

SPECIALTIES: Acrobatics, Aerials, Tight Wire, Russian Swing & Dance (inc. Tap).

Keely Tyler-Dowd is an independent artist who also works as a Designer, Photographer & Visual Artist.