Felicia Lannan

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Felicia Lannan
Melbourne, Victoria
+61 4 9809 8753

As a young girl faithfully following her mother about, Felicia Lannan found herself in the costume room of The Flying Fruit Fly Circus… the next day she was auditioning and she never looked back!

Now a graduate of NICA, Felicia specialise in German Wheel, Korean Plank and Hula Hoops. As well as having experience in general Acrobatics including Pitching, Tumbling and Table Sliding.

Felicia is the founder and director of Madhouse Circus, which formed in 2012 and has toured to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide in the past three years.

As a graduate she now plans on exploring Australia and the world, the industry and continuing to create work with Madhouse Circus.

SPECIALTIES: Acrobat, Aerialist, German Wheel, Korean Plank, Hula Hoops and more. Director, Producer and more. Felicia Lannan is an independent artist and has a company called Madhouse Circus based in Melbourne, Victoria.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Brig Bee Photography