Emma Joukadjian


Emma Joukadjian 
Melbourne, Victoria
+61 4 3428 2341

Emma graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from La Trobe University in 2002.   Emma specialises in circus, acrobatic and gymnastic physiotherapy. She uses her manual physiotherapy and Pilates skills concurrently to treat both acute and overuse injuries with a focus on stability and holistic treatment.

Emma has been a contracted Cirque du Soleil Physiotherapist since 2009. She also works as Pilates Instructor for Cirque du Soleil also. She has worked internationally on ‘Totem’, ‘Corteo’, ‘Saltimbanco’ ‘Quidam’ and ‘Ovo’. Her physiotherapy circus experience also includes Cirque Eloize ‘ID’ in Singapore.

Emma’s was contracted as Supervisor Physiotherapist for Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ current Australian Tour and was the company physiotherapist for Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ in Singapore.

Emma has extensive elite sports and elite athlete experience including; Melbourne Commonwealth Games Hockey, Melbourne Football Club, Melbourne Tigers NBL (tour through China for international competition), High performance Gymnastics and Rowing Australia.

SPECIALTIES:  Physiotherapy (Performance medicine) and more. Emma Joukadjian is a Physiotherapist at the Melbourne Physiotherapy Pilates and Fitness Group which is situated at 201 Fitzroy St St Kilda, Victoria