Cirque sur Roues (Circus on Wheels)

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Cirque Sur Roues

Isi Lumbroso
‘The Cube’- Davey St, Frankston.

Cirque sur Roues (Circus on Wheels) is an all-inclusive circus catering for people of all abilities. We strongly encourage people with all abilities to participate alongside their carer and anyone else who is interested. Those who can’t see are welcome, those who can’t speak are welcome; in fact, it does not matter what your abilities are- everyone is welcome. The class includes warm-up games, great for communication (both verbal and non- verbal) and a mix of attainable challenges. Manipulations such as hoops, devil sticks, spinning plates, poi and staff, juggling (all of which are catered to those who are wheelchair users and any ability) formations and acrobatics will be taught throughout the program.

Please note that we are also now doing children’s all abilities circus classes and integrated abilities classes both in-schools and at respite centres.

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