Adam Lobbestael [Razed in Flames]


Adam Lobbestael (Razed in Flames) |
Sydney, NSW
+61 4 3334 9563

Adam Lobo
Adam is a world class fire entertainer. Residing in Australia for over ten years and now performing in the United States and Australia, Adam identifies, coaches and prepares talented individuals in the aspects of stage presence, performance techniques, high level prop manipulation and costumes. Adam then facilitates the client to performer liaison, paperwork and deployment of these talented individuals.Adam Lobo is the individual who created Razed in Flames, and now works with Shade Flamewater on the Flamewater Circus Project.

One of the 5 Fire Eating Masters

Razed in Flames
With mastery of several of the fire performance arts, Lobo has perfected the skill of Fire Eating and is pioneering this arcane art while raising the standard of Fire Eaters around the world. Drawing on the concept of fear management and the technique of ultimate breath control, Lobo has perfected the taking in of the fire and the shaping of its discharge through knowledge of the physics of the flame and the boundaries of the human condition. Visit the fire eating forum on Facebook here –

SPECIALTIES: Fire Artist, Juggler, Magician, MC / Compere, Street Performer, Director & Circus Gear Maker.

Adam is an independent artist and founder of fire circus company, Raised in Flames.