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Circus Monoxide

CIRCUS MONOXIDE is a veritable catapult of circus performance, aiming towards the future with a lit fuse and a mischievous glint in their eye. From their Wollongong home, this company churns out some of the best animal-free contemporary circus in Australia. With a star-studded cast of circus performers from all over Australia, including home grown talent from the Illawarra, Monoxide shows are not to be missed. Click SHOWS  for more info.

To read more about the HISTORY of Circus Monoxide, click HERE.

Freo Street Arts 2014

Dream State Circus [Sophie and Jacob McGrath]

Innovators of new world entertainment, this amazing duo Dream State Circus have broken the mould so many times there is now constant anticipation for what is coming next.

They’re unique skill set and extensive worldwide, first hand, hands on experience have helped keep their dreams and goals intimate, positive and accessible.

Dream State Circus’ passion to bring light into the eyes and smiles to the faces of all they chance upon, has driven this duo to present more than 3000 shows in some 38 countries over the last 15 years. Dream State Circus have received 14 international awards.

Dream State Circus have performed all over the world. From the back stage casinos of Glastonbury to busking circle-shows in the streets of Bangkok, from the war-torn refugee camps of Myanmar and the mirror-lined ball rooms of Ritz-Carlton Singapore, the atriums of Princess cruise liners to the poverty stricken primary schools of Costa Rica, there really is no preconceived box that can contain this captivating duo.

Bountiful motivation is responsible for Dream State Circus’ professionalism and expertise in:
-Event design and delivery
-Venue design and delivery
-Large scale spectaculars
-Rigging and Scaffolding
-Collective presentations
-Structured workshops
-Motorised parade floats
-Specialised prop design and fabrication
and their love for the non-discriminative, most accessible art of Street performance and improvisation: Comedy.

The New Generation of Dream State, A combination of experience, resources and environment have brought forth Cirque-Eco a cutting edge mobile 300 seat venue specifically but not exclusively for the High Risk Arts.

This intimate, open air, unforgettable experience is powered by 100% renewable energy and is Carbon offset through reforestation of native Australian corridors.

Cirque-Eco’s dream involves helping to set new standards for accessible entertainment on a global Scale.

“Entertainment that doesn’t cost the Earth”

SPECIALTIES: Acrobatics, Aerials, Fire Art, Juggling, MC / Compere, Street Performance, Directing, Producing, Design [Lighting, Sound, & Costume], Rigging, Stage/Production Management, Circus Gear Makers, & Peer Assessors.

Sophie and Jacob McGrath are independent artists who form the internationally acclaimed company, Dream State Circus. 


Flipside Circus

Flipside Circus is Queensland’s largest youth circus with a national reputation as one of Australia’s leading youth circus companies. At Flipside we encapsulate our core values across every program: Self, Work, Trust, Dream, Risk, Show Off, Laugh!

As a not-for-profit organisation (Incorporated in 1998) Flipside Circus has grown steadily from a solid grass roots and community base. Our activities adopt a child-centred approach to foster a creative, fun, non-competitive and safe environment for every participant. As such, Flipside Circus provides a circus program that is extensive and includes an exciting range of circus activities. Our year-long program of circus classes run alongside school terms and are suitable for all ages (from 18 months – adults), all skill levels, and all abilities.

Our investment in children and young people extends beyond our training centre doors through our social circus programs into communities across Queensland, we believe all young people should have access to circus activities regardless of their background.

At Flipside Circus, we also offer school holiday workshops, corporate team building events and birthday parties.

For more information contact us on 07 3352 7233 or via email at

Visit our website:

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SPECIALTIES: Funded Company, Circus School,  Youth Circus, Social Circus, Trainer,  Acrobat, Aerialist, Clown, Contortionist, Fire Artist, Juggler, Magician, MC / Compere, Street Performer,  Director, Producer, Designer, Lighting Designer, Costume Designer, Sound Designer, Rigger, Stage/Production Manager, Stage Crew, Circus Gear Maker,  Peer Assessor, Researcher, Circus Academic,  Other


Aaron Walker

Aaron Walker is a professional event photographer with a fifteen-year career in the arts industry as an international aerial performer, circus trainer and show consultant. With his experience of physical movement technique and timing he specializes in capturing the decisive moment on stage. You can find him in Melbourne photographing dynamic live productions from circus, theatre and musicals to comedy, corporate events and festivals.

Aaron recently became a Finalist in Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers Competition with Capture Magazine 2015 for his entry in the Sports Category with his Circus photography.

He has had work featured in a number of publications and his latest series is currently on display at The Da Bronx Gallery in the CBD.

Aaron also designs publicity for the arts industry, his design skills have enabled him to apply his photography to projects that enhance visual artist’s promotional marketing.

Aaron’s designs:
Aaron’s performance:

SPECIALTIES: Aaron Walker is an independent circus artist, photographer and graphic designer based in Melbourne.

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Vulcana Women’s Circus

Vulcana Women’s Circus works with the circus traditions of inclusiveness, strength, excitement, and daring to transform and empower individuals and communities.

We value women as leaders and role models, and believe that empowered women are essential in building and shaping strong communities.  We see that circus is a transformational tool which can build that empowerment. Vulcana respects the individual and encourages expanded notions of “normal.” We strongly believe that challenge by choice, in the spirit of play, builds confidence and capacity.


Vulcana’s circus workshop and performance projects engage a broad range of community participants and work in partnership with arts and community organisations to create opportunities for cultural expression and community development. In a safe, playful space we encourage participants to be themselves with joy and push the boundaries of what is achievable as one or in a group. Vulcana offers:

  • A talent for everyone!
  • A shared physical language for people of all backgrounds to explore, express, and build connections
  • Opportunities for individual or community expression and collaboration, including performance opportunities
  • Professional pathways for those who hear the Circus calling!


Vulcana values women as leaders and role models, and holds that empowered women are essential in building and shaping strong communities. We value Circus as a transformational tool which can build that empowerment. Vulcana respects the individual and encourages expanded notions of “normal.” We hold that challenge by choice, in the spirit of play, builds confidence and capacity.

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The DIG Collective

The DIG Collective are a physical theatre collective committed to exploring non-linear and highly-physical story telling. They revel in the potential of their individual, physical bodies and are dedicated to making work that relies on a live connection with an audience.  The collective prefers making work over long gestation periods that allow for the ability to source materials sustainably. Their work is strongly based in collaboration and engages a community of practitioners. Comprised of alumni of The University of Melbourne and the Victorian College of the Arts, they have strong ties to both its present and past performance communities and draw on the performance practices of these communities as well as artists such as Rude Mechs, Goat Island, DV8 and Forced Entertainment.

The DIG Collective perform in theatres, on streets, in festivals, in cupboards and wherever great art is supported. They also love to share what they do – get in touch.

You can find out about all their performances, development projects and training programs via their website

SPECIALTIES: Physical Theatre, Contemporary Performance, Clown, Festivals and more.

The DIG Collective are an independent company based in Melbourne.

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Felicia Lannan

As a young girl faithfully following her mother about, Felicia Lannan found herself in the costume room of The Flying Fruit Fly Circus… the next day she was auditioning and she never looked back!

Now a graduate of NICA, Felicia specialise in German Wheel, Korean Plank and Hula Hoops. As well as having experience in general Acrobatics including Pitching, Tumbling and Table Sliding.

Felicia is the founder and director of Madhouse Circus, which formed in 2012 and has toured to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide in the past three years.

As a graduate she now plans on exploring Australia and the world, the industry and continuing to create work with Madhouse Circus.

SPECIALTIES: Acrobat, Aerialist, German Wheel, Korean Plank, Hula Hoops and more. Director, Producer and more. Felicia Lannan is an independent artist and has a company called Madhouse Circus based in Melbourne, Victoria.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Brig Bee Photography


Sydney Trapeze School

Ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Or have you ever wanted to experience the rush and adrenaline of swinging eight metres above the ground and being caught mid-air?

Welcome to Sydney Trapeze School, the one and only Indoor Flying Trapeze School in the heart of Sydney, offering Flying Trapeze Classes to the general public in a safe, fun and motivating environment. Located in St Peters and is walking distance from St Peters and Sydenham train station. The trapeze school offers lessons in flying trapeze, circus and aerial arts as well as juggling.

Sydney Trapeze School offers students the one-off-try as well as regular weekly classes for those fitness freaks looking for a new form of exercise. We cater to all levels. This activity is also great for Kids School Holiday Programs and Corporate events or parties.

The flying trapeze is the newest and most unique fitness craze, with it already popular within the American community and celebrities. It is great for all ages, shapes and sizes. The flying trapeze is a fun way to tone your upper body and core muscles as well as improve your flexibility and self confidence.

Areas of expertise: Flying Trapeze, general circus skills

Director: Frank Taylor



Puzzle Dust
Fire and LED glow shows, roving circus acts, hula hoop classes & hens parties

With the most impressive fire dancers, LED glow shows and roving performers in Australia, Puzzle Dust is at the cutting edge of professional and corporate entertainment. Puzzle Dust offers performers in Brisbane, Byron Bay and on the Gold Coast and runs hula hoop classes for adults in Melbourne and Brisbane.

SPECIALTIES: Fire, Juggling and Coaching.

Puzzle Dust are an independent company who perform and teach together across Australia.


Keely Tyler-Dowd

Keely Tyler-Dowd
Born into the hands of two Adelaide gymnastics coaches, Keely Tyler-Dowd was raised in the gym.

Although passionate towards gymnastics, Keely has become a multifaceted dancer, an experienced visual artist and an illusively enthusiastic performer.

As a passion driven teen with a strong artistic flair, Keely left Adelaide straight out of school to combine her natural talents and pursue a circus career in Melbourne.

Now a fresh NICA graduate, Keely specializes in Aerial Slings, Tight wire and general acrobatics (including Russian Swing, Tumbling, Pitching, Basing).

She’s eager to continue growing, performing and travelling for years to come having found that the stage is her home.

SPECIALTIES: Acrobatics, Aerials, Tight Wire, Russian Swing & Dance (inc. Tap).

Keely Tyler-Dowd is an independent artist who also works as a Designer, Photographer & Visual Artist.



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