TSU in Zambia [ThisSideUp acrobatics]

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WHEN: 10th to 30th August 2013.
WHERE:  Lusaka, Zambia
MORE INFO:   www.barefeettheatre.org  |  www.facebook.com/TSUinZambia

POZIBLE CAMPAIGN: ends July 6th 2013

Barefeet a community theatre company based in Lusaka, Zambia have invited members of ‘This Side Up Acrobatics’ to train and direct HIV/Aids orphans in a circus production for their International Youth Arts Festival from 24th August – 1st September 2013.

Barefeet was founded in 2006 as a creative arts and performance company staged, rehearsed and presented by street children. Zambia is one of Africa’s nations hardest hit by HIV/AIDS and about 19 percent of children under 18 are orphans, often forced to live on the street. Barefeet’s overall goal is to get children off the streets using theatre, art, dance, music and creative writing as a tool to engage with and support the development of children most at risk. Barefeet offers them an opportunity to have their voices heard and a channel through which to express themselves. By giving children some encouragement, confidence, self belief and allowing them to ‘shine’, they can start to work together to find brighter opportunities.

‘ThisSideUp acrobatics’ (TSU) was formed in 2006 by Christian Schooneveldt-Reid, James Brown and Casey Douglas to create theatrical contemporary circus for Australian and International markets. David Joseph joined the company in 2007 as musical director, musician and co-creator/performer for ‘Controlled Falling Project’ which has since gone on to enjoy considerable international success, being performed in 15 countries, on 4 continents to over 150,000 people. In 2012 TSU employed Karen Berger as tour manager/sound technician. Like David, she also has many years of experience teaching and directing performance in disadvantaged communities. They share a passion for African music and have been collaborating with African artists in Australia for many years. David has studied drumming in Gambia and Senegal, and Karen was co-ordinator of Lifeline/Childline Namibia’s theatre in education program, educating children country-wide about HIV/AIDS and domestic violence. She was also a lecturer in theatre at the University of Ghana for two years.

Christian Schoonerveldt-Reid has been living in Zambia for the last 6 months and has already started training several young acrobats involved in one of Barefeet’s outreach programs in Livingstone (southern Zambia). Barefeet have been so impressed with his work that they have asked him to be director of their ‘Forest Ball’ which will involve companies from around the world working with nearly 2000 children! This collaboration with Barefeet is the first social circus project for TSU as a company and it is hoped that it will be the first of many.

  • Christian Schoonerveldt-Reid – Director, Trainer
  • David Joseph – Director, Trainer
  • Karen Berger – Director, Trainer
  • Casey Douglas – Trainer




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