The Waiting Room [Born in a Taxi] – Big West Festival

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28th November to 1st December 2013,  8.30 pm
[Preview Wednesday Nov 20, 8.30pm]

The Substation, 1 Market St , Newport, Victoria 3015

COST: $25 and $20 conc


Wheel chair ramp into venue
Elevators to both floors

AGE GROUP: 16 plus


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Winner of Powerhouse Theatre Award Melbourne Fringe 2010

What are we waiting for? Lunch, the dentist, the end?

Collective human behaviour under the microscope, from the comical to the disturbingly surreal.

Born in a Taxi, masters of exceptional ensemble theatre and idiosyncratic dance, return with their highly acclaimed physical theatre performance at Big West Festival 2013.

Waiting is often an act enforced upon us by random uncontrollable events, forcing us to reflect on who we are, what we have done and what we want to become. Enter The Waiting Room and you immediately ask: where’s the stage? The Waiting Room is a space for possibilities, for unforeseen interactions and events. From the outset, the audience is complicit in the show’s creation. The line between audience and performers fades as genuine in-the-moment exchanges shape each moment that follows.

Performed by seven of Melbourne’s most experienced physical theatre performers and improvisers, this award-winning production throws all the cards in the air each night, in a unique, unrepeatable improvisation in which the audience are co-creators. The Waiting Room is driven by a soundscape that is created live each night, responding and initiating to the unfolding action.

Established in 1989, Born in a Taxi is recognized for producing highly original, physically driven works. As an independent physical theatre company Taxi has continued to practice, develop and perform their unique style of dance, physical and visual theatre for over 20 years. Taxi is the company-in-the residence in the ‘jewel of the west’, the Newport Substation, and now brings The Waiting Room to this grand and industrial venue. The show features a crack team of artists who have worked with leading performance companies across Australia, including Legs on The Wall, Bell Shakespeare, Red Stitch, Strange Fruit, Urban Dream Capsule, The Business and Playback Theatre.

Not dance, not theatre, not hilarious comedy, not performance art, and yet, somehow, cleverly all of the above. Born in a Taxi is one of Melbourne’s most entertaining yet refined physical theatre groups.’ Fiona Scott Norman, The Age

The Waiting Room is cutting-edge experimental theatre…What makes this piece radically beautiful is that it interrogates and embodies the random processes intrinsic to human behaviour. FOUR STARS.’ Cameron Woodhead, The Age

Directed by: Penny Baron
Live sound by: Michael Havir
Performed by: Penny Baron, Debra Batton, Andrew Gray, Carolyn Hanna, Kate Hunter and Nick Papas.

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