Team of Life [KAGE] – Development Showing

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WHEN: 5 July 2013
WHERE: Gorman House, Canberra [Development showing as part of the Centenary of Canberra Celebrations.]

Team of Life harnesses the power of two great dramatic traditions – sports and theatre. This is your opportunity to see the first stage in the development of a remarkable and important work that is currently being created by KAGE in partnership with the Dulwich Centre Foundation.

By honouring the great Australian game (AFL), and the World game (soccer), Team of Life tells stories of young people’s search for different kinds of freedom.

Performed by professional dancers and actors and informed by workshops with young refugees and young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Team of Life dissolves the boundaries between sport, theatre and identity.

It asks questions…If you thought of your life as a team, who would be your coach – the person who has taught you the most in life? Who is protecting your goals – your fullback or goal keeper? Who would be your spectators in the crowd? Who is cheering you on – they may be alive or they may no longer be alive, they may be your ancestors? What is your team defending? What values are you protecting?

This extraordinary production brings together professional footballers, dancers, directors, writers and musicians, alongside community workers and young people whose stories can be traced to different parts of the world and different communities within Australia.

KAGE is distinctive among Australian performance companies, as there are no other professional ensembles engaged in creating dance‑theatre based on current social issues in such a striking way. KAGE uses the form of dance‑theatre as a medium to explore challenging subject matter.

Dulwich Centre Foundation, based in Adelaide, is internationally recognised for the development of the Team of Life approach for working with young people. Originally developed by David Denborough to respond to former child soldiers in Northern Uganda, this respectful, dynamic and strengths‑based approach is now being used by practitioners in Australia, USA, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Iraq, Singapore, Hong Kong and elsewhere. The Team of Life methodology enables young people to come to terms with tough experiences without having to speak directly about them.

This development showing will begin with an introduction to the concept by David Denborough.

When the final siren sounds, signalling the end of Team of Life, the way you understand sports, theatre and even your own life, will no longer be quite the same.

The team is already in training. Anticipation is growing. The crowd is building. Bring it on.

Conceived and Directed by
: Kate Denborough
Conceived and Written by: David Denborough
Composers: Iain Grandage and Kutcha Edwards

Cast includes: Heath Bergersen, Timothy Ohl and Gerard Van Dyck

To date this project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria, the City of Melbourne and by Hutchings Blanch B Trust managed by Perpetual.

Principal Partner:
Dulwich Centre Foundation

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