Supermusician [Die Roten Punkte] – Taranaki Arts Festival

Die Roten Punkte [SuperMusician] 524x349

WHEN: 30th, 31st August & 1st September 2013
WHERE: Mayfair Festival Club, Taranaki Arts Festival, NZ
COST: $39-$45
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★★★★★ “Made me want to jump out of my chair and dance.” – Three Weeks

★★★★  “Too much fun. Danke Die Roten Punkte!” – The Scotsman

★★★★ “A beautifully grotesque, glam-rock punk-pop riot of a gig.”  –    Fest Mag

★★★★ “White Stripes mated with Laurel and Hardy in the Black Forest.” – Time Out

★★★★  “Left me doubled-up with laughter and barely in control of my bladder.” – Metro

★★★★  “White Stripes meets Spinal Tap but sillier and with a better drummer.” – To Do List

★★★★  “The whole presentation is wild and gets the balance between comedy and music exactly right.” – British Theatre Guide

★★★★  “Die Roten Punkte is nuts!” – The Herald

★★★★ “Engaging and energetic…compelling from start to finish.”  – Broadway Baby

★★★★  “This is definitely a show to see if you want a fun night out with dark humour and good music.” – The Quotidian Times

Otto interviews Astrid [Originally published on The Scottsman]

They’re coming back with a new show!

If you saw them at the 2012 Right Royal Cabaret Fest you’ll be stoked to know the siblings are bringing a different show back to close the arts festival with an almighty bang!

Astrid and Otto, orphaned as kids when Astrid was 12 and Otto was 9, the brother and sister duo found shelter in a Berlin squat and never rockin’ well looked back.

A Die Roten Punkte gig is a wild, rock ‘n’ roll cabaret ride, full of hilarious, truly catchy and award winning pop songs, constantly interrupted by the squabbling of the dysfunctional siblings.

Described as “a lipstick-smeared, tantrum-loving, sonic collision between the B52s, Kraftwerk and early Ramones”, Die Roten Punkte are truly one of a kind. Astrid’s avant-garde style and legendary antics inspire both reverence and fear, while Otto’s dynamic stage presence brings to mind a whirling dervish on meth.

Die Roten Punkte are one of the most irreverent and funny acts you are ever likely to
see. Don’t miss this show which has sold out in Edinburgh, New York, Sydney, Montreal and Dublin!

WARNING: damn good music with some swearing.

AWARDS and Nominations:

  • Nomination -  2013 TO&ST Award [Time Out & Soho Theatre Edinburgh Cabaret Awards]

  • WINNER Melbourne Green Room Awards for Cabaret 2008
  • WINNER Best Comedy Montreal & Victoria Fringe 2010
  • Green Room Awards nominees, Best Original Songs/Best Ensemble 2010
  • Total Theatre nomination, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009

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