Performance Investigations

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WHEN: From 7.30pm, 28th & 29th June 2013
WHERE: Richmond Theatrette,  [above the Richmond Library] 415 Church Street, Richmond.
COST: This is a FREE event but as seats are limited we ask that once you have made your booking you make every effort to attend.
MORE INFO: For bookings, please contact Access Yarra on 9205 5025

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Performance Investigations is the first in what the Yarra City Council hopes will be an ongoing series of opportunities for performing artists and musicians to develop and present their work at the newly refurbished Richmond Theatrette.

The Performance Investigations Program includes works by some of our very own ACAPTA members on Saturday 29th June.

Saturday 29 June, from 7.30pm

Sweatshop by Gabi Barton and Anna Lumb
Fin performed by Porcelain Punch

Created and Performed by Gabi Barton and Anna Lumb | Directed by Anni Davey.

Sweatshop explores and explodes notions of wearability, productivity and creativity. Witness extreme sewing and twisted feats of endurance. There will be blood… sweat, tears and heroic quantities of Nescafe. Physical performers and first time collaborators, Gabi Barton and Anna Lumb, attempt to get the job done on time and ‘en trend’. Can they exploit the dangers and drudgery of the Sweatshop to deliver the penultimate Vogue? Will art prevail? Pass the scissors please. Gabi and Anna have each spent years cutting their cabaret teeth and honing their vaudevillian crafts on many and varied stages across the globe. Who knows what manner of wild theatrics will result after a couple of solid weeks locked down in the Richmond Theatrette, with only a tray of lamingtons and a spool of ideas for sustenance?

Created and Performed by the Porcelain Punch ensemble | Directed by Derek Ives | Ensemble includes Emilie Johnston, Madeline Hudson, Christy Flaws, Luke O’Connor and Alex Gellman

Porcelain Punch is a company made up of some of Melbourne’s most talented emerging artists whose practices cover a diversity of forms. Using a vaudevillian model Porcelain Punch will utilise training in clown, burlesque, circus, music and dance to shine a light on contemporary consumption in a series of vignettes that will become their newest work… FIN.
FIN is a dark and comedic portrayal of hunger, desire and the fragility inspired by Victorian pantomime and set within the world of an 1800′s whaling vessel where supplies are running out…

Ripped and torn sails hang off the skeleton of an upside down ship. A mermaid contorts herself. A musician balancing delicately on deck plays old sea shanties, fast comic jigs or she wails along with the wind and a singing saw. A wrecked sailor appears on a German wheel his sea legs perpetually rolling him backwards and forwards. A sense of danger and limbo, the lure of the horizon… of adventure, discovery, escape. Ghost-like characters appear in lamp-light and disappear into a thick fog.

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