Knee Deep [Casus] – APAM

Casus JWC Live Dress Run 524x349

WHEN: 20th February 2014
WHERE: Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane
COST: Part of APAM registration

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DURATION: 25-min Excerpt

An awesome display of humanity and incredible physical skill performed with raw emotion and honesty

Knee Deep is an awe-inspiring show of high-octane acrobatics and heart-warming humanity from internationally acclaimed circus company Casus. Four performers explore the boundaries of strength and tenderness as they push the physical form to the very bone-crunching, sinew-stretching limit. Bodies are pulled, weighed and tested – all probing the limits of physicality and feeling.

Using traditional and contemporary circus techniques, Knee Deep journeys through moments of raw discovery and fleeting relationships as the four artists demonstrate that delicacy does not equate to fragility. Jaw dropping strength and skill, thrilling physical feats, and a tender synergy combine for one mind-blowing performance.

Casus is a contemporary circus collective formed by Emma Serjeant, Jesse Scott, Natano Fa’anana and Lachlan McAulay in mid 2011. All four members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience having toured extensively in Australia and around the world with companies such as C!RCA, Legs on the Wall, Polytoxic, and Briefs Collective. As their premier work, Knee Deep has become an international hit and has gained critical acclaim and a rapidly growing following as a performance that gets to the heart of circus origins and explores what the body is capable of.

Image: Sean Young – SYC Studio

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