Fright Or Flight [3 is a Crowd] – Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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WHEN: 31st July to 26th Aug 2013
WHERE: Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
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  • Nomination – Total Theatre Award [Physical / Visual Theatre].






Filmed by Paul Bell, Cut by the fabulous Carnival Cinema.

Three of Australia’s finest circus birds will have you caught in a coop of the chaotic, comical and out-right absurd.

Feathers fly in a fight-flight-freeze free-for-all that will surprise, shock and sweeten your senses. A strong repertoire of stunning physicality shares the nest with enchanting theatrical performances that will have you in awe of this rare breed of performer.

Quirky, endearing, humorous and beautiful, this work is the premiere show from new Australian circus ensemble 3 is a Crowd.

Winner: Best Circus and Physical Theatre, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

Our pupils dilate
Our awareness intensifies
Our sight sharpens
Our impulses quicken
Our perception of pain diminishes
We become prepared – physically and psychologically for…
 …Fright or Flight

Fright Or Flight mixes acrobatic feats with absurd comedy and an investigation of the fight or flight response… the three performers are graceful, athletic and talented. Fright Or Flight is inventive, entertaining, skilful (sic) and surprisingly comedic…”-Lynette Washington

sensitive, engrossing and quite beautiful. Three female dancer/acrobats carry out some stunning sequences in hoops, on ropes, on the floor and -believe it or not – atop glass bottles… worth getting lost in” -Eleanor Miller

…The three performers are accomplished, funny and interesting and the show has a quirkiness that is enormously appealing. Within the space of forty minutes, there is comedy and tragedy, fun and foolishness, held together by pure athletic mastery…We were enthralled from beginning to end. ”-onDit

I may have already seen the best show of the Fringe: “Fright or Flight”. What more would you want from a show?.. comedy, dance, circus, cabaret, theatre, visual, auditory, even silliness.” – Padraic *****

These girls are a Class Act! Great circus skills, wonderful performances and brilliant entertainment. More than just circus… There is quirky humour, endearing pathos and plenty of physically demanding action.” – Bertie ****1/2

These women are strong and capable of pulling off some truly magnificent feats of strength… first class aerial choreography, that will leave you spell-bound.”

 CREATED BY: Rockie Stone, Bianca Mackail and Olivia Porter

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