Crossroads [C!RCA & Chamaeleon Productions]

CIRCA Crossroads 524x349

WHEN: 26th August to 30th September 2014
WHERE: Hackesche Höfe, Rosenthaler Straße 40/41, 10178 Berlin-Mitte
COST: 29 – 49 Euro

This spectacular show sees circus, song and dance clashing into one another, only to dissolve the boundaries between body and instrument, between movement and music. Allow yourself to be similarily transformed – in a night of grace, delusion and fun!

The singer Iza Mortag Freund and the acrobatic ensemble deliver their own live soundtrack, consisting of wooing punk cabaret, flickering electro sounds and sizzling death waltzes that summon life itself.

And this show proves that »Crossroads« merely mark the beginning of a journey.

Artistic Director: Yaron Lifschitz C!RCA
Producer: Anke Politz CHAMÄLEON Productions
Musical Director: Maurice Mersinger klingklangklong
Composer, Arrangement: Maurice Mersinger + Iza Mortag Freund
Costume Designer: Libby McDonnell
Lighting Designer: Jason Organ

Iza Mortag Freund, Peter Ahberg, Saara Ahola, Freyja Edney, Luca Forte, Scott Grove

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