Blindscape [Skye Gellmann & Kieran Law] – Melbourne Fringe Festival


WHEN:  24th – 28th September 2013
WHERE:  Gasworks Theatre
COST: $18-$24

Blindscape Short (2mins 40secs) from Skye Gellmann on Vimeo.



Note: Suitable for 13+.
Some limited nudity, extreme darkness.


The work itself is by turns lyrical, powerful and humorous” ArtsHub

Our personal technologies have become an extension of ourselves and Blindscape exploits that connection to engage its audience in a visceral environment that collapses real and imagined boundaries.

Using a provided iPod Touch pre-loaded with the custom-designed Blindscape App, you enter the virtual world as you enter the performance space. The Blindscape App is a 3D audio-virtual reality.

Through your participation in this virtual game, the light from your iPod Touch helps you to view spectacular and elusive fragments of a circus duet in this rare performance experience.

Blindscape takes place in near darkness.The audience are free to move wherever they like, but are guided by sound queues as they search for light to reveal the performance happening around and among them.”  John Ellingsworth, Sideshow magazine

Blindscape is a truly remarkable piece of theatre… Many times I found myself watching a performer, then being distracted by the stunning soundscape that would lead me to another mini performance only a few steps away.” (Four and half stars – After Dark Theatre)

Recently nominated for a Green Room Award (‘Innovation and Excellence in Circus’), Blindscape is an immersive performance not to be missed!

Creative Team:

  • Skye Gellmann & Kieran Law
  • Producer Gareth Hart
  • Sound Designer Thom Browning
  • Game Programmer Dylan Sale

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