ASORE – A Series Of Rare Events [A4 Circus Ensemble] – Melbourne Fringe Festival

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1st to 5th October 2013 at 8pm & 5th – 8pm and 2.30pm

Gasworks Theatre, 21 Graham St Albert Park, Victoria 3206

Full $25  |  Concession $20  |  Group (4 people) $20


POZIBLE: Deadline 26th September

All Ages



What series of rare events leads someone to a life in the circus? A4 Circus Ensemble explores this question by overlaying evocative vocal narration with mesmerizing acrobatics, foot-juggling and risely. Combining the tradition and grace of a 1920’s travelling circus with the sensuality of contemporary circus, Asoré invites you behind the curtain, where nothing is as glamorous as it seems.

ASORÉ (a series of rare events) invites you behind the curtain where nothing is as glamorous as it seems. ASORÉ explores and celebrates the world of the circus performer – the grime and the grind, the high and the lows and the good and the bad. Inspired by the past and the present circus aesthetics. ASORÉ merges dialogue, music, aerials, foot-juggling, hula and Risley into a sensual and human narrative. As the performers share their stories the audience gets a rare glimpse into the circus world. ASORÉ features A4’s principal performers Zoe Robbins and Kali Retallack. Seasoned performers with over 25 years’ experience combined Kali and Zoe have been performing together since their early teens at the famous Flying Fruit Fly Circus. ASORÉ debuts at The Melbourne Fringe Festival 2013.

Performed by A4 Circus Ensemble (Zoe Robbins and Kali Retallack), Directed by Kate Fryer and Anni Davey, Choreography by Alya Manzart.

REVIEWS:  2nd October 2013

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