Cirque Du Bloke [Three High Acrobatics] – Adelaide Fringe Festival

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WHEN: 14th to 23rd February 2014 -  7.45pm
WHERE: Gluttony – The Bally, Murlawirrapurka/Rymill Park, Cnr East Tce & Rundle Rd, Adelaide
COST: All tickets $18  |  Tightarse Tuesday: $13  |  Group: $16
AGE: 15+

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Two Aussie blokes, in the bush, ‘doing man things’.

Join true blue Aussie blokes, Bazza and Gazza on their ill-fated camping adventure in the Australian wilderness. As the mishaps pile up and the bravado leaves, what is left? A sensitive new age guy? A metrosexual? An Abbott supporter?

The story of two Aussie blokes, real men, in the real bush, doing real manly things. Join our true blue Aussie blokes, Bazza and Gazza on their ill-fated camping adventure in the Australian wilderness. As the mishaps pile up and the bravado leaves what is left behind? A sensitive new age guy? A metro sexual? An Abbott supporter?

Multi award winning circus company, Three High Acrobatics, take you camping as they search to discover what’s buried beneath pie crumbs and longnecks.

Performed by Sam Aldham and Chris Carlos
In 2011 Three High Acrobatics was awarded the Circus Oz Award for circus and in 2012 won the Gasworks Circus Showdown Competition. Highly respected in their fields flying trapeze and fire spinning, the Three High Acrobatics founders (who met and trained at the National Institute of Circus Arts) come from very diverse backgrounds:

Sam Aldham grew up with his family as part of the circus, his father was a world famous human cannonball performer, while performing near the ocean his father miscalculated his distance and was shot out of the big top into the ocean and was never seen again. This led Sam to follow his fathers footsteps with the hope of finding his father one day maybe on the other side of the world. Sam began working at Club Med Resorts as a flying trapeze performer and instructor. Sam attended NICA where he trained in Cord de lisse, Comedy Acrobatics and Hoop Diving.With a background in theatre, he has over nine years experience as a circus performer and tutor.

Chris Carlos begun his working life at Subway restaurants, he was known through Canberra for making the fastest subs, after winning the state Subway making competition he went in the national challenge with the chance of going to Hawaii, due to a tragic mishap with an extra half olive giving him a time penalty his dreams of Hawaii were crushed, Chris bought a van and escaped the sandwich business and the nightmares of that dreaded half olive he began his circus career as a fire performer, Chris Carlos obsession quickly transformed him into one of the best fire spinners in the world. After many years performing, creating and travelling, his creative and highly skilled fire spinning acts saw him accepted into NICA where he trained in Adagio, Comedy Acrobatics, and Russian Bar.


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