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[Artshub] Circus in the spotlight at Melbourne Festival.
Richard Watts | Artshub | Monday 28 July, 2014

Josephine Ridge’s second Melbourne Festival program reflects the culture and values of the city in which it’s held.  ‘We’re creating a festival for Melbourne. This is not a festival that could be in any other city … I’ve taken a lot of time to care about and value our history [and] connect with the present … we’re also really caring deeply about the future,’ said Josephine Ridge, Festival Director of Melbourne Festival.  ‘There is a real hunger in this city for opportunities to discuss ideas and to respond to provocations, to really tease out important issues. The threading through of political concerns, social concerns, throughout the whole program is something … which I tried to do last year as well and will continue to do next year. This city is one that is very driven by ideas and as I think people have a real hunger for opportunities to explore those ideas.’ READ THE FULL ARTICLE

[The Guardian] Melbourne festival runs away with the circus in 2014 programme. 
Oliver Milman | | 28 July 2014

International circus troupes take centre stage in a festival line-up that aims to surprise, says director Josephine Ridge. The flexible delights of circus performance will be the major focus of the 29th Melbourne festival, supported by an array of theatrical and musical acts.  Circus performers from Australia, Asia, Europe and north America will all feature in the 17-day festival, with groups including Cirque Eloize, Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe, Circa, D’Irque & Fien and Circus Oz. READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

[Indepth] Circus in the 2014 Melbourne Festival.
Andrew Bleby  |  Creative producer, 2014 Circus Program, Melbourne Festival

Putting circus centre stage at an international arts festival? Thirty years ago it would never have been considered. Circus has been considered a sideshow to the ‘serious’ arts, just cheap thrills family entertainment: or perhaps it brought a touch of Vegas – also seemingly a bit crass for an important international arts program. So what’s it doing in the Melbourne Festival? READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

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