Spaceless Circus

Spaceless Circus
Spaceless Circus is an independent circus duo comprised of Abby Kelso and Latonya Wigginton. Growing up in Queensland, they come from a youth circus background and have been training and performing together for eight years.

Spaceless Circus creates works that meld circus, theatre and music for a highly interactive and engaging experience.

Their latest show Working on a Dream is an interactive children’s show about a girl travelling through a surreal dreamscape where all is not as it seems. Having just finished a season at the Melbourne Fringe, Spaceless Circus are excited to be working towards an Australian tour in 2017.

Abby and Latonya also have a passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge with others, and strongly believe that circus is a fantastic way to inspire confidence and empowerment, as well as to promote creativity in the arts and encourage active lifestyles. As a result, they are looking to expand the social circus aspect of their work and combine their performances with workshops to expand circus’ positive effect throughout communities.

SPECIALTIES: Acrobat, Aerialist, Clown, Juggler, MC / Compere & Street Performer.

Spaceless Circus are an independent company who are self produced. They perform and teach together across Australia.


Adam Lobbestael [Razed in Flames]

Adam Lobo
Adam is a world class fire entertainer. Residing in Australia for over ten years and now performing in the United States and Australia, Adam identifies, coaches and prepares talented individuals in the aspects of stage presence, performance techniques, high level prop manipulation and costumes. Adam then facilitates the client to performer liaison, paperwork and deployment of these talented individuals.Adam Lobo is the individual who created Razed in Flames, and now works with Shade Flamewater on the Flamewater Circus Project.

One of the 5 Fire Eating Masters

Razed in Flames
With mastery of several of the fire performance arts, Lobo has perfected the skill of Fire Eating and is pioneering this arcane art while raising the standard of Fire Eaters around the world. Drawing on the concept of fear management and the technique of ultimate breath control, Lobo has perfected the taking in of the fire and the shaping of its discharge through knowledge of the physics of the flame and the boundaries of the human condition. Visit the fire eating forum on Facebook here – www.facebook.com/groups/fireeating

SPECIALTIES: Fire Artist, Juggler, Magician, MC / Compere, Street Performer, Director & Circus Gear Maker.

Adam is an independent artist and founder of fire circus company, Raised in Flames.

Claire middle splits flexed feet looking through

Claire Ogden [Circus Claire]

Claire is a circus performer and teacher in Brisbane. Her main circus speciality is hula hoops but she also performs juggling, aerial tissu and acrobalance (as part of the acrobatic duo ‘Scrambled Legs’).

Claire performs a solo street show on the weekends on Brisbane’s Southbank and in 2009 she started a small business called Claire’s Circus School and has been operating ever since.

She now teaches weekly classes for children, teenagers and adults at two locations on Brisbane’s north side. She is currently focussing her energy on a solo stage show which she looks forward to performing and developing over time.

SPECIALTIES: Acrobat, Aerialist, Juggler, MC / Compere, Street Performer & Hula Hoop performer.

Claire Ogdenis an independent artist who runs a circus school for youth and social circus.  


Swoop Physical Theatre

Swoop Physical Theatre was founded in 2004 and gives NSW kids an opportunity to learn about and practice physical theatre in a relaxed and fun environment. Swoop runs in-school workshops for drama students and after school classes on Sydney’s northern beaches. Danielle Mckinnon (Missy) is a qualified drama teacher and has a passion for integrating circus arts and drama in an accessible format for young people.

SPECIALTIES: Aerials & Acrobatics.

Swoop Physical Theatre is an independent company and circus school for youth and social circus.  


Louise Clark

Louise Clark is one diverse circus performer. From the ground to the air, her talents have no limits! Dubbed ‘Luscious Lou’ she’ll hula-hoop, swing and flip into your heart with comedic acts of circus craziness.

Trained by the original Great Moscow Circus’ legend ‘Stanislav Shurkin’ and Cirque Du Soleil’s great ‘Victor Formin’, Louise is exploding with high-level skill. Performing internationally for the last 9 years in stage shows, high-end corporate events, cruise ships, nightclubs, festivals and contemporary circuses Louise is set to blow your mind! A performer NOT to be missed!

Louise can perform in different styles like comedy and character to more minimalistic contemporary styles.

SPECIALTIES: Swinging Trapeze, Dance Trapeze, Hula Hoops, Aerial Silks, Corde Lisse & Acro-balance.

Louise Clark is an independent artist based in Sydney.

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Kayleigh McMullen [Absolute Aerials]

Kayleigh performs aerial silks, lyra, duo trapeze, flying trapeze and loves to dance. She discovered a strong passion for movement and the performing arts excelling in performances, eisteddfods and exams and undertook a range of dance styles including ballet, jazz, tap, and contemporary and completed Royal Academy of Dance exams. Kayleigh has trained under Australian instructors as well as aerialists from the USA and has completed her Cert III in Athlete Support Services.

She has performed for many corporate events, an Australian Circus and is often commended for her bodylines and audience connection.  Kayleigh brings her discipline, grace and technique learnt in ballet to her aerial shows creating an elegant display of strength and beauty. She absolutely loves to be on stage and endeavors to perform more in coming years.

Kayleigh founded Absolute Aerials in 2015. Currently their focus is on teaching Aerial Silks and Lyra to kids and adults of the general public and they wish to continue to expand in the future. Absolute Aerials aims to provide a safe and enjoyable environment that promotes the importance of physical theatre, strength, fitness, health and wellbeing to members and aspiring performers of all ages. On another note she is also studying her masters of Speech Pathology and hopes to use this degree in combination with her circus skills to help the community.

SPECIALTIES: Aerial Silks, Lyra, Duo Trapeze, Flying Trapeze & a trained Dancer.

Kayleigh is an independent artist and founder of aerial circus school, Absolute Aerials.




Castlemaine Circus Inc

Castlemaine Circus Inc is an inclusive and accessible circus arts program offering classes across gymnastics based tumbling, acro-balance, conditioning, aerial, circus arts, performance creation, for ages 3 years to adult.

They offer children, youth and adults and regional communities in central and western Victoria training in circus skills and physical theatre; create a safe and positive environment for young people to participate in performing arts activities; promote healthy, physical, non-competitive activity;
encourage creativity and innovation.; provides employment opportunities for local professional circus artists; and partner with other community organisations to provide training and performance opportunities for broad and diverse community participation.

Castlemaine Circus was established in November 2013 in direct response to ongoing requests from the community for children’s circus classes. Established as a not-for-profit incorporated association, Castlemaine Circus Inc now engages eight experienced trainers from Clunes, Daylesford and Castlemaine.

The circus now has eight classes per week with over 100 children attending. There are two weekly classes for each age group; preschoolers through to youth classes.

Castlemaine Circus will continue to grow to meet the needs of the community, with planned families classes, classes that target young people with learning difficulties, and young people identified as at risk.

SPECIALTIES: Castlemaine Circus Inc is a circus school that includes youth and social circus.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 14.39.28

Cirque M

Cirque M aims to deliver quality coaching and performance in aerial and circus arts. It is an aerial and circus school that fosters creativity and confidence whilst promoting life long health and fitness.

Mudgee is a rural town in the heart of the Midwest and the idea of bringing aerials to a place where one can relax, breath and then train hard and have fun, was an alluring one.

Cirque M is a space, a venue, a school and a community that is all about learning to be creative, get fit and have fun whilst you are doing it.

SPECIALTIES: Cirque M is a circus school that includes youth and social circus. Cirque M includes circus trainers, choreographers, riggers, and circus gear makers.

Shep Huntly 2

Shep Huntly

Shep has been on the stage for as long as he can remember. In the late 1980s and early 90s he was an acrobat, fire eater and juggler with a 3 man clown act, Circus in a Suitcase.

In the mid 90′s Shep was one of the world’s elite street performance artists, performing his unique blend of family friendly circus and sideshow on the streets and at festivals in 26 countries.

Around the turn of the century Shep was a founding member and front man of The Happy Sideshow, Australia’s Premier Freakshow.

Shep is the founder and frontman of The League of Sideshow Superstars and one third of the critically acclaimed sideshow masterpiece “The Dark Party”.

Shep and his contemporaries are responsible for the newfound popularity of sideshow and its establishment of New Sideshow as a  performance genre in its own right.

These days Shep is one of Australia’s most amicable MCs, his street shows still wow audiences where ever he performs and his sideshow stunts are second to none.

In the last couple of years Shep has been developing a new skill and a new show. He loves bubbles and so his new show is the fun and funny, “Big Bubble Show”.

SPECIALTIES: MC / Compere, Street Performer, Director, Producer, Fire Artist, Clown and more. 
Shep Huntly is an independent artist and a founding artist of The League of Sideshow Superstars, The DiRtY BroTheRs, and the World Sideshow Festival.

Donna  04

Donna Sparx

Donna is a hula hoop dancer, teacher, maker, performer and lover.

Donna has trained under hoop dance instructors from Australia, the UK and USA, is a Certified Trainer and Assessor, Youth Worker, Drug and Alcohol Worker and holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts.

Passionate about all things hula hoops, Donna’s main focus is on bringing hoop dance to the community sector, utilising play to explore movement and as a tool for reflection.

When not playing with or teaching hoops, Donna can be found making hoops and playlists, training in German Wheel, writing, walking her dog, or deciding which leggings will best reflect her mood.

SPECIALTIES:  Hula Hoops, Circus Gear Maker and more. Donna Sparx is an independent artist and trainer based in Melbourne, Victoria 


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